I just heard you’re supposed to fill this page out. Oops.

Unfortunately that’s kinda how I travel sometimes too, clueless until the end. (Like the time I didn’t know it was a national holiday in Ecuador, so ended up sleeping in some lady’s laundry room). That hasn’t stopped me from visiting 40-something countries (so far) and loving something about every one of them.

After 10 stationary years acting like I was a grown-up (my closet was wall to wall with poorly fitting bland button-up shirts) I got rid of the car, phone, job (and shirts) and bought a one-way ticket to Europe. I had a two month wander in mind, but it ended up taking nine. My “travel baby” was born.

The stationary life fit even worse than the shirts after that, so I got a TESOL certificate to teach English (and an openness for whatever miscellaneous employment opportunities appear), and a series of one-way tickets. That was four years ago and I can’t seem to stop, or want to.

I do pause periodically, most recently to live in Belgium for a year and a half with my lovely Belgian lass, who is also the only person I can imagine spending three months on sweaty chicken buses with without trying to kill.

I’ve found two hobbies that enrich my traveling: taking pictures (all photos are copyright, but if you would like to use any, I would love to get your email), and blogging. Initially I blogged as a way to keep in touch with my family, but was surprised to discover that I actually really want people to read it. So if you have a few moments for some escapist travel blogs, I would love to tell you about the other day, when I…

"Had a pygmy marmoset riding around on my neck" for example.

“Had a pygmy marmoset riding around on my neck” for example.


Update: Just before 60 countries, I realized I actually was traveling to run from something. What a colossal disappointment! So I’ve changed my life, picked a place to live, and am limiting travel to finite trips with round-trip tickets purchased in advance. It ain’t easy, but I’m pretty sure it’s worthwhile. We’ll see if I can cut it.