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No assassination attempts here, I’ll take a desk job instead?

I’m rumbling along, too vaguely happy and scatterbrained to have much on my mind to share, unless I go a little further up and get all literal on you. It’s only been two… Continue reading

Istanbul makes a man out of me

It was K who noticed the barber shop. “Did you want a haircut?” My head felt like a chia pet left untended somewhere with plenty of water and sunlight, and it was speeding… Continue reading

Welcome to the Man Shack.

With the Ecuadoran sun overhead I wear my hat every day, and the Hat Hair was just getting too painful (for K) to look at, so it was time to get another haircut.… Continue reading

No me gusta.

Fastforward to Cartagena for a minute. Where it’s too hot, even for the fruit vendors. The city wants to make sure I know the meaning of the word “enervating.” Apparently it often rains… Continue reading

International Haircuts, Part 8.

Hair cut country number…eight, I think. Nicaragua.I had Nepal’s barberji on the mind as I walked into PIAF Internacional Peluqueria half an hour ago. In the door, reading a newspaper in a florescent… Continue reading

Nepali Shave

I’ll try to stay away from the off-putting mega-blogs, which should be easy since the “cyber” kid is blasting techno remixes of Eminem.  (Why would you take a perfectly good song like that… Continue reading

Nepali Haircut

I got my hair cut yesterday.  I think that makes 7 countries where I’ve gotten one, 8 if you count the emergency beard removal in Guatemala.There is a barbershop in between the veggie… Continue reading