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What my teachers taught me

(Oops, forgot to post this last Friday.  Yes, it’s another post that’s basically serving as my diary.  Dear Diary…) Today was my last day of class, definitely for this module, probably for this… Continue reading

In Dutch class the other day

In Dutch class today we were learning the words for facial features, the teacher supplementing the book with things people actually say, noting that they may not be particularly polite.  Big ears, little… Continue reading

A fine day for another multi-lingual argument over which country has the hottest women.

Movement is oddly effortless when it is raining.  Riding home from the train station I suspect the warmer air of improving the functionality of my chain and gears, and I wish I could… Continue reading

First week of class

New Dutch class!  Gone is the pint-sized Armenian in tall shiny leather boots, the crazy-eyed Romanian advising me to try killing pigs for a living, and the teacher yelling at us for making… Continue reading

Back to school

It’s not really raining in my part of Belgium tonight. Just that pittering of tiny drops on your face. Cricket morse code, beginning tap dance class for lovable spiders, limited engagement precipitation which… Continue reading