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Coming home

The truth is, I have trouble coming home. On one level it’s just logistical withdrawal. I go from leading my 27 newest friends on a busy tour of some of the greatest things… Continue reading

Living the dream

I had a dream when I was a kid. A literal, “I’m asleep” kind of dream, that is. This isn’t an inspirational post. In it, I’m swimming along the bottom of the pool,… Continue reading

Arriving in Caracas, Part 1 of 2; or, my niece’s birthday party was a porno scene

The plane landed at Caracas’ Simon Bolivar International Airport with a stronger bump than most, and taxied past a row of unfamiliar logos on modest fuselages. Between the recent unrest, and, more importantly,… Continue reading

Departure Day

Then there’s no more time to try and remember what I’m forgetting, it’s time to run to the station. If I forgot it, it’s forgotten. No time to pet the cat. Say goodbye… Continue reading

Leaving Israel, passing through the future, and arriving in Sri Lanka.

It was difficult to leave Israel with a good taste in my mouth.   Trains and buses were sleeping due to a holiday, and the hostel told us it was a flat fare… Continue reading

Ancient romans, modern riots, and finally, Eastern Turkey

At breakfast in Antalya I pile my plate with fresh French bread, olives, feta, and slices of cucumber and tomato. I go back twice more, balancing the ratios and refilling my cup of… Continue reading

~Guest blog from/for my friend Lisa in South Africa

Today I’m reblogging, but wordpress and blogspot don’t seem to allow cross-website reposting. I feel like the proverbial kid whose parents won’t talk to each other. In the summer of 2010, before I’d… Continue reading

Happy rebirthday, it’s gonna change you life.

When I turned 32 a couple weeks ago it wasn’t a big deal, I was happy with a good navratan korma. But K’s birthday yesterday…now that was a big deal. She turned….dumdumDUM…27! Warning:… Continue reading

Dominical to the border

My hostel’s balcony-thing, Costa Ricans(and I) love the “Pura vida” thing. The schedule said 10:30, but the bus out of Dominical showed up at 10:00. I had a bus leave early before on… Continue reading

Well hello there Costa Rica.

Good news: I made it to Costa Rica yesterday, having no problems at the infamous border with Nicaragua. I was the only whitey in the normal lines, but saved beaucoup bucks over the… Continue reading