Monthly Archive: March, 2010

Carnaval Saturday, Part 2

Instead of staying in Schriek for the Belgian Julio Iglesias (he’s the Wayne Newton of Spain, right?) we went to another town’s hall, stopping off on the way so I could follow the… Continue reading

Carnaval Saturday, Part 1

Saturday was Carnaval in the small town of Schriek (pronounced a lot like “shriek” but with more friction on the back of your tongue at the beginning).  Several towns in the area have… Continue reading

An Antwerpian Oddity

Took a day trip to Antwerp on Friday.  Which had me thinking…when was the last time you said, or heard someone else say, the word “twerp”?  Had to be in the 1980s, right?… Continue reading

Notes and observations of Belgium, Part 3

My girlfriend is a social worker in a neighboring town, and I visited it nearly a year ago, spending a few long-houred days wandering the streets, waiting for her workday to end (sometimes… Continue reading

Notes and observations of Belgium, Part 2

Belgian houses are solid looking, mostly brick, though without the boasting size of American McMansions.  There are definite architectural tendencies and similarities between buildings, but each house is distinguishable from it‘s neighbors, though… Continue reading

Notes and observations of Belgium, Part 1

On a wonderful Sunday afternoon in March, I found myself sitting back in a chair in a fourth floor walk-up apartment in a small town in Belgium, watching episodic rain showers through the… Continue reading

Welcome to Belgium

While in Belgium I am staying with my girlfriend in her new apartment (sort of) near Antwerp, and the other night the regional cultural council had an event to welcome all new residents… Continue reading