Travel has long been a part of how I meet and love the world, from the childhood tales of my British grandmother that expanded my horizons, to my own peregrinations around the globe. I have visited 80+ countries, taught English on five continents, lived an immigrant’s life in Europe, and continue to populate my inner planet with memories of new people and places abroad as often as possible. After years of continuous travel, I have settled into a rhythm of spending half the year abroad, and half in Oakland, California.


Solo trips are a special experience for my spirit, but I find a powerful joy in sharing travel with others, and it felt like finding my Home On The Road when I began working as a tour guide for Rick Steves’ Europe in 2015. I give daily thanks for the connections to people and places that this work has given me, and look forward to many more years with my tour member friends as we celebrate this world together.


After Covid’s “Great Pause” began to ease, I discovered in Romania a country that voraciously deserves to be your next trip, and am now offering a Tour of Romania, which you can read more about here.


See you on the road!