Monthly Archive: April, 2010

Scotland Part 2, Drover’s Inn

Our absent-minded bus driver dropped us off a good half hour or more after passing our hostel’s stop.  We disembarked to find ourselves across from a fantastically ancient little stone place with moss… Continue reading

A little fading of willful optimism.

In one of those posts about Belgium I mentioned that everyone rides bikes, including grey haired elderly people.  (I know, you probably didn’t read that whole post, it was too long, and there… Continue reading

Scotland Part 1, Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow

We flew to Scotland on the continuous airborne infomercial that is Ryanair (does anyone ever buy the raffle tickets?) and landed in beautiful Edinburgh.  This place has a substantial reputation, and lives up… Continue reading

Fashion Show

(I will try to post something about Scotland soon, but I just realized I never posted this.) So…my girlfriend is a supermodel. Specifically, she was in a store a couple months ago and… Continue reading

Questions for Scotland

I am going to Scotland tonight, and I have a couple of questions I hope to answer. 1.  Are they frickin sick of Braveheart or what?Preliminary snooping for towns with affordable hostels indicates… Continue reading

Avatar Pee

The local community center sometimes shows second-run movies at discount price on Tuesday evenings, so last night I finally saw this “Avatar” thing that made such a buzz.  Or was it The Last… Continue reading

pre-fashion show fitting trip

My girlfriend was asked to participate in a fashion show, and yesterday we went to the store that’s running it so she could be fitted and her outfits chosen.  My own sense of… Continue reading