Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Curacao is…beautiful.

Curacao is beautiful. Curacao is Caribbean, an island of hot air breezes and palm trees. It is thin sandy beaches and sheltered coves. It is recliner chairs by the water and drinks with alcohol… Continue reading

Frozen Nazi zombies kinda ruined my appetite.

Our last night in Ecuador we went to the only restaurant we knew in Guayaquil, the cheap Chinese food place across from the open-late liquor store where seen-it-all attendents passed groceries out to… Continue reading

Awesome names, schizophrenic poodles, and racial offensiveness.

It was tempting to stay in our Casa de breaded eggplant, mosquito net, and clean sheets in Canoa, but we had a date with an airplane coming up, so made our way back… Continue reading

A few words here, a few words somewhere else.

I have just enough of a toenail in the 21st century to know that when someone links to your blog, you’re supposed to return the favor, so my friends, I direct you to… Continue reading

Copacetic Canoa

We spent four days in our Spanish expat palacio in Canoa, eating, getting over our colds, and wandering around town. Breakfast at home in the sandy inner courtyard of blue paint and ferns,… Continue reading

How we barely avoided sleeping on the street in Ecuador.

We stepped off the musty bus onto the abused concrete sidewalk of the town of Canoa and immediately looked around for hotel signs in the dark. From where we stood, hoisting out backpacks… Continue reading

Would you rather catch a cold or stink like fish?

(I have no pictures of this day, but this layout I’m trying seems to want pictures, so here’s a pair each from Riobamba and the Amazon both earlier in Ecuador. Let me know… Continue reading

Djou know who djour firs president was?

In 1999 Ecuador had a 197% inflation rate. The wealthy removed about $2 billion from the country, and the GDP shrank by 5.3%. As part of the reforms in response, the country adopted… Continue reading