Copacetic Canoa

We spent four days in our Spanish expat palacio in Canoa, eating, getting over our colds, and wandering around town.

Breakfast at home in the sandy inner courtyard of blue paint and ferns, cheap fish soup lunch specials on local benches and a stray dog gazing at me beseechingly, and (relatively) chic dinners from the affable Spaniard who worked the evening shift in our hotel and made fantastic breaded eggplant in a savory tomato sauce. I was too busy eating to take pictures.

The beach was still crowded during the day, though noticably less than during the weekend (thank gods).

At the north end Surfers carried their boards home at sunset, when the wind rose to flap the colorful shelters which you can rent during the day for a buck.

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As is customary, the beachside street was the marketplace for hippehandmade woven bracelets and feather earrings (in case I accidentally sound too dismissive, I wear one of the former and K one of the latter). In the more permanent stalls (ie larger folding tables) their Ecuadoran colleagues sold customary tourist kitsche, key chains, T-shirts, and ashtrays, while watching telenovelas on tiny screens behind the counter.

It’s a pretty calm town, which was just what we needed as we finished up our time in Ecuador.