Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Mendocino for the soul

Leaving Tommy the Tripper to the winds of chance, we got back in Ronda, our little red rental car, and headed over beautiful Highway 20 towards Mendocino. We still had some road munchies from… Continue reading

Shasta to Redding Trip…

After one last Portland brunch with my brother it was a beautiful few hour drive down to the ghost town of Mount Shasta after ski season ends but before hike/lake season begins. We… Continue reading


Thank you Portland. Better yet: thank you Portlanders. It’s been a good week in the City of Roses. Enough good food to overwhelm a poor traveler’s palette, with descriptions that range from enticing… Continue reading

Sing a sea shanty with me

Onboard the ferry from Seattle to Victoria last Thursday was a little blond boy, eight or nine years old, running up and down the aisles, swinging from the armrests and chasing his brother.… Continue reading

A form of The Good Life, eh.

Still a tad jet-laggy, we’re living the good life today in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We’re staying in another airbnb place, this time the apartment of an excellent-sounding couple who is unfortunately in… Continue reading

Dinnertime in Seattle

We left the famous and filthy streets of New York for the relatively spotless and anonymous byways of Seattle, and both of us were quickly enamored of The Emerald City. (I haven’t felt… Continue reading

Good (what time zone am I in?) from New York.

Wow, a little bit of jet lag and lots of miles walked combine to leave me with few words tonight, oh and that early morning flight tomorrow, but I feel like I should… Continue reading

Looking back to tomorrow.

I just wrote a letter. An honest to goodness, paper letter. How old fashioned. But it seems like that type of letter needs to be on paper, tangible, manifest. In it I told… Continue reading