A form of The Good Life, eh.

Still a tad jet-laggy, we’re living the good life today in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

We’re staying in another airbnb place, this time the apartment of an excellent-sounding couple who is unfortunately in India at the moment, but their place is awesome, and superbly close to downtown. We slept in, wandered over to a brunch place for homemade granola and free-run egg scramble. Stopped by a quirky grocery store (where we continued finding out which products K has never heard of and I’ve forgotten, triscuits, butterfinger, jack cheese), then the rest of the day moving between the multiple vintage stores (I fell fully asleep in one of them) and the bizarrely common coffeeshops where I am exploring the range of chai lattes.

Given the modest population of Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula it sits on, I do not understand how the concise downtown area supports that kind of coffeeshop density. I don’t think there is a single block in town that doesn’t have at least 1.7 coffeeshops on it, of which only a few are Starbucks.

It’s a rule-breaking sort of place I guess, since there are at least four bead shops and a half dozen other craft stores as well. All in all, it’s my kinda town; the Religion section of the magazine rack featured monthlies called, among others: Magical Times, Faerie, and (my personal favorite) Mermaids.

With this kind of indulgent strolling, maybe it’s no surprise we were asked for directions; I guess we just look comfortable.

Saturday morning stroll to the water tomorrow, then back to Seattle on the evening ferry before heading down to Portland.