Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Care for a cup of snake-infested tea?

I have a cold. I am not a fan. Congestion in my lungs, congestion in my head. I should not be asked to do anything today, nor tomorrow nor the next day. Okay,… Continue reading

5 minute walk to reach Bangkok

The minds behind The Hangover II were clever. I don’t necessarily mean that in terms of content, since one could debate whether unknowing/drunken sex with a transgender* prostitute is a manifestation of the… Continue reading

My favorite menu

What the hell is a slider? Not in baseball, I know that answer, but in food. I thought it was a sandwich. According to my search on the interweb just now, it sometimes… Continue reading

Why is my head so constipated?

The question, comment, or discussion will sound good in my head before I start, all the Spanish/Dutch/Italian verbs lined up obediently, but once I try to bring it into the real world? Nada,… Continue reading

A precise patriotism

Today’s plan kind of sucked. But I’ve had this rental car for too long already, so I’d drive one hour up to San Francisco Airport, then bring a good book or two for… Continue reading

A Symphony of Corny in Hong Kong

I finally got to see a big dumb Hollywood movie the other day, and once I realized that the awfulness of Pacific Rim was exactly why it was AWESOME, then I enjoyed the… Continue reading

(If) another candidate, (then) more pics…

Well shucks. What to say about Hong Kong? I tried to explain a bit and it went on for a few thousand too many words. Suffice to say, I was impressed. Still not… Continue reading