Monthly Archive: May, 2011

Just call me the beerman. On second thought, don’t.

K used to work in a bar, where she expertly served beer, coffee, beer, wine, beer and a few other drinks (most of which were beer) to the clientele, which in Belgium includes… Continue reading

What is charity? Someone please tell me.

What is humanitarianism?  Charity?  Aid?  How do you do it?  Fundamentally, how do you help the “under-privileged” masses of the world? I would definitely not use words nearly as grand as “humanitarian” to… Continue reading

I don’t understand how the Republican Party exists.

I don’t understand how the Republican Party gets more than 1% of the vote.  I dearly want to, but I don’t.  I understand why people would want lower taxes, small government, and a… Continue reading

I thought this was about a job interview, but it’s really mostly the trains.

Brussels has three train stations, all connected in a nice straight line (unlike some of those other, sillier cities where to get from North to South you have to go East for an… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day! So, Mother’s Day was started in the US by women’s peace groups to reunite families torn apart by the Civil War.  Mothers whose sons had fought and died, on both… Continue reading

In Dutch class the other day

In Dutch class today we were learning the words for facial features, the teacher supplementing the book with things people actually say, noting that they may not be particularly polite.  Big ears, little… Continue reading