Monthly Archive: March, 2011


Some mornings the staggering Beauty of the World leaks into the familiar environs of our apartment and provides a startling beginning to the day, complete with ill-advised attempts to photograph it.  (I have… Continue reading

I just quit my job.

I was hired at a “medical research” company for a particular project to last 6-8 weeks.  Last week was #10, and we finished the main part, with an additional 2 weeks to do… Continue reading

Well hello my friend.

Another Midnight post…uh oh.  But I kinda think I should put something else on here to move any mention of prostitutes further down the page (my girlfriend’s mom reads this blog, man).  Of… Continue reading

Man, I ate a lot of food today, or, where are the prostitutes? or, warning.

Are my blogs boring as all hell?  “Today I rode a bicycle home from work and it was cold.” Yeah. Not sure what else to write.  I want to interview prostitutes.  Is that… Continue reading

Yikes, don’t read this one unless you are really bored.

I was lying in bed just now, full of that Thai food from the last post (the one with the red curry burps) and was thinking about regrets.  Or maybe Disney.  Or maybe… Continue reading