Well hello my friend.

Another Midnight post…uh oh.  But I kinda think I should put something else on here to move any mention of prostitutes further down the page (my girlfriend’s mom reads this blog, man).  Of course, by discussing that I have immediately defeated the purpose…too bad my honestly clause of the night prevents any usage of the backspace key.

Oh and I was thinking, on the theme of the word “arguement” coming to be customarily more combative than it presumably used to be, I’d say the same goes for “provoke.” That word brings to mind (for me at least) images of bullies on the playground, world leaders, and maybe idiots at the zoo (a perfectly natural grouping), but nothing, for example, thought-provoking.  That phrase now seems innocent to me.  Or at least I would like to present that arguement.

At work we finished the main Saai Project (saai – Dutch for boring, though the online dictionary I just checked defines it with the synonyms “anodyne, jejune, prosy” so now I just need an English-English translator) and the company took us all out to celebrate.  I was expecting a trip to a bar, and was having the customary pre-bar discussion with myself of “wear something nice and get it smoke-stanky, or just go with a tired old T-shirt?” when they announced that we were going to play lazer tag.

To be honest I was sceptical at first, but it turned out to be a funilicious.  I am guessing the open bar helped things (actually I am only required to say that, as usual the conversations were awesome while sober, and only good as drunkenness increased).

It was fun to lurk behind barrels and peek around corners, both of which activities are generally considered strange at bars.

When you got shot the vest thingy would encourage you “don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up!” which just seemd so darn kind of them.  Reminds me of Mitch Hedberg discussing the encouragement he gets when he opens a package and reads “try again” under the lid.  (Is making offhand referrences not a good idea in blogs?  Did I mention it’s midnight?  Why did I capitalize midnight the first time?  That shit ain’t no title.)

Other than that…awesome weather today, well above freezing.  The Belgians were out bicycling en masse and sidewalks were bustling.  We went to Leuven and had a delicious dinner followed by banana and lychee beignets with some other interesting ingredients I cannot quite recall at the moment but I think included sesame seeds.

Oh, and one other happening, but that deserves more than an offhand mention, so I’ll post it later, unless I can’t sleep…but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Sweet lychee dreams to you all.