Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Quick trip to Seattle

Is it just me or is this year’s cold a serious pain in the neck? Still just a cold, no need antibiotics, but enough to have me emailing my upstairs neighbors to ask… Continue reading

Big beauty, little biter

So small a creature, it was kind of laughable. But damn, that bite did sting. Or was it that sting that bit? With this particular little bullet of an angry bee, I wasn’t… Continue reading

This is not your last chance to go to Cuba

Both “Cuba is changing rapidly” and “Cuba is a great place to visit” have been true for a long time, and I don’t expect either to change any time soon. Buuuut. Direct flights… Continue reading

Discouraged and recouraged

  I knew right away that I wanted this man to be my mentor. It was just obvious. He had no kids, my father died when I was four, he was a legend… Continue reading

Attack of the anxiety

The human body is a lunatic. Why else would it get up, barely bothering to wake you, install a racing pulse, shaking vision, and burn so many calories that on a not-particularly-warm night… Continue reading

A domestic Friday morning

Continents don’t drift this slowly. Yet always it is my turn, your reminder, to turn my head toward you. I am sorry, my anonymous benefactor, who should not be seen as an assassin,… Continue reading

I’m kind of naive.

I’m kind of naive. And I’m trying to stay that way. But with the right approach.   I believe opinion bubbles are a bad thing. Groups of like-minded people only ever talking to… Continue reading