Man, I ate a lot of food today, or, where are the prostitutes? or, warning.

Are my blogs boring as all hell?  “Today I rode a bicycle home from work and it was cold.” Yeah.
Not sure what else to write.  I want to interview prostitutes.  Is that more interesting?  It is for me.  I want to know how they feel about it.  Do they ever enjoy themselves?  Are they friends with each other?  Do they have to work in a different region of the country from where they live?  How long do they do that work for and how are they different after their first two weeks?  Do they view other customers in line at the grocery store differently than they did before?
But right now I’m just full of great Thai food.  One of K’s friends is rather impressively sick of Belgium so in order to change her life is moving to Austria.  Not exactly a complete paradigm shift, but still impressive that she’s doing something instead of just bitching about it (maybe more about that later, if I am not overcome by chicken satay lethargy).
So to farewell her a bunch of us met up at a fancy-pants Thai restaurant in Brussels that has a Michelin star.  Sounds embarrassing to be a one-star restaurant, but, tremendously counter-intuitively, getting a star from a tire-company means you’re hot shit.
So we ate beef and chicken and calamari and scallops and oysters and probably pork and there were massive prawns.  Meat lurked or strutted in most things, but they brought K some specially made vegetarian spring rolls, which scored them big points in my book.
This place was kinda nutty.  They had their own brand of cloth napkins, toothpicks, and even the bottles of beer had a special Blue Elephant label on them.  Que chic, eh?
We went in there before noon, and here I am at 22:49 still feeling full and burping well-seasoned red curry.
Now, this blog makes no sense, and while waiting to see if I would post it I just typed up another one that is way worse.  I’ll post that one first, so an innocent visitor like yourself will see this relatively harmless one first and allow me to warn you that the big one below is a rambling stream of consciousness and really not worth your time, I just feel like I haven’t posted much on here lately and want to use up a few more of google’s infinite memory bits.  Why do I feel like tomorrow morning  I am going to regret posting these?