Monthly Archive: August, 2011

Trying to drive myself away with bugs.

Sorry, I know my last blogs were about leeches and cockroaches, but I am sick of bugs (and I think subconsciously focusing on it to make leaving in five days easier…that’s gonna suck).… Continue reading

A nice day hike around Pokhara, Nepal.

The skyline above Pokhara is normally dominated by the epic snow and stone bulk of Machapuchare, one of those incredible Himalayan peaks that are unbelievably…themselves.  We caught a look at it one afternoon… Continue reading

Good morning Pokhara!

Good morning!  How did you sleep?  Did the Metallica cover band across the street keep you up?  Did the drunky voices under your window bother you?  Did the cockroaches disturb your rest?  A… Continue reading

Vacation Time. Pokhara.

So yeah, we’re a little tired lately, and since K only has one day off before going back to work once we get home, and I may be starting nearly as fast, we… Continue reading

8/11 Aaaand back.

Today I found myself walking along a little muddy path strewn with broken bricks to provide footholds in the slick, with wholeheartedly green vegetation on both sides.  The leaves are so exuberant that… Continue reading

8/10 Out of steam

8/10  Crap.  We’ve only been here two months and we are out of steam.  Neither of us has any energy, K has stabbing pains after every meal, I am done with the main… Continue reading

8/7 WTF is going on?

Is there an astrologer in the house?  I am hoping you can give me an external explanation for WTF is going on lately. 8/5  Friday, politics/culture clash lead us to have a sulky… Continue reading

Nepali Shave

I’ll try to stay away from the off-putting mega-blogs, which should be easy since the “cyber” kid is blasting techno remixes of Eminem.  (Why would you take a perfectly good song like that… Continue reading