Monthly Archive: November, 2012

Riding on top of the world, Ecuador.

It turns out that the quarter-century old impressions of a six year old are not necessarily accurate. Because that was the last time I rode a horse, and I remembered the feel of… Continue reading

The Valley of Eden

The German who told us about Vilcabamba was not young. Nor would she be considered old anywhere but a college campus or youth hostel, but we were in the latter. In a youth… Continue reading

A Home for Everyone. Part 3 of 3. The important part.

The first thing I saw upon waking was a stack of board games that were well-meant donations, though I can’t imagine any of these kids sitting down to a calm and orderly board… Continue reading

A Home for Everyone. Part 2.

After my lack of success at feeding little Mateo, I wasn’t sure what to do next…until the door slapped open with an explosive expulsion of tiny people, arms immediately going around K’s and… Continue reading

A Home for Everyone. Part 1.

Azogues is not in the guide book for Ecuador. A fifty-cent bus ride north of Cuenca, it’s a pretty nice place, judging by my minimal exposure, but I don’t think UNESCO is knocking… Continue reading

Contrary, concurrent, and compatible.

We departed Curacao, ready to move on but not wanting to leave. With excitement for the future and reluctance to leave the past, we focused on the present, absorbed in the parallel universe… Continue reading

Dang pirates always confiscate my balls.

It wasn’t until four hours into the day’s travel, one flight done, one more to go, that I solved the mystery of all the weird people in the new Bogota airport. Yeah it’s… Continue reading