Monthly Archive: May, 2014

The messenger

Lose your girlfriend? Lose your home? Lose the job you were hoping to start? Lose sight of the how and the who and the where and the what? And the when just seems… Continue reading

Havana night

It wasn’t the belly full of savory ropa vieja or the day spent in the sunshine glow of Cuba’s capital city. It wasn’t the colonial facades of buildings, crumbling in Caribbean splendor, nor… Continue reading

Gods and goddesses

“He is the grandson of one of Cuba’s most famous ballet dancers, the whole family does ballet, but he is having problems today. I am expecting a tantrum from him at any minute.”… Continue reading

Cuba doesn’t let your eyes get bored

When you first get to Southeast Asia, you can’t stop taking pictures of tuktuks. They’re just so…interesting! A week later, maybe two, and you barely notice the three-wheeled vermin. This is often the… Continue reading

Cubans are magical

Did you know Cubans can fly? I knew about the salsa dancing and the talking fast, but the flying, that surprised me. I didn’t think much of the ballet during my first three… Continue reading

Cuba. Where do I start?

Where do I start to talk about Cuba?   A prequel in the Miami hotel, ostensibly close but a world away from Cuba, where a plethora of pillows was unable to conceal the… Continue reading

A history most perceptible when it’s intangible, fire ants, and a country with reason to be proud

Expectations are the fastest way to screw up an experience.   – Me   With that personal aphorism in mind, I flew down to an infamous foreign land with as blank a slate as… Continue reading