The messenger

Lose your girlfriend? Lose your home? Lose the job you were hoping to start? Lose sight of the how and the who and the where and the what? And the when just seems to stretch forever?

Kinda sucks.


The world I left when I went to Cuba was not the world I came back to find.

And then it’s hard to get out of bed again.


Hello, Stanley

Hello, Stanley

But days just keep marching, stubborn bastards that they are, and forward is the only way you get to go. But it’s not that bad. The universe will remind you that it keeps moving forward in harmony, discordant atonal blaring harmony. So it sends a messenger.


His name is Stanley. He’s…young. He’s…cute. He’s…nonstop.


Sammy wasn't quite sure what to make of him

Sammy wasn’t quite sure what to make of him

His world is a big place that seems hostile, but isn’t as bad as it seems, and there’s an awful lot of playful good time in there. Sometimes shit happens that just plain stinks (pleasantly literal for him. What’s in puppy food, anyway?)


So maybe I can be his apprentice. I don’t know WTF is going on either. Maybe I need some vaccinations, and surely some training, but the world is a chew toy, and in the end, it’s all going to be okay.


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Thank you Stanley.