Monthly Archive: July, 2014

Censorship; or, Celebrity ____ likes to smoke ____!

Anthony Bourdain was in Tangier. That’s an interesting city, and from what I’ve seen of him, an interesting man, so I put my book away to listen. But in this boarding area in… Continue reading

What does “authentic” mean? And pupusas!

I was still in love with El Cielito Lindo, but on my last day in Ataco I had to obey the part of my Traveler’s Creed that demands to try as many new… Continue reading

A beautiful little heaven. And pupusas!

A Beautiful Little Heaven… What could be better? How about when it has delicious food and drinks.   I spend a disturbingly large portion of my time abroad searching for my next meal.… Continue reading

Is that a good start or a bad one? Jungle Birthday Part 2.

Hard to believe this was my last birthday…I wonder what story I might find this year…hopefully it bites less…   Is that a good start or a bad one? Jungle Birthday Part 2..

Welcome to my wayeb’

I think…and I’m not sure about this, it’s just a hunch…but I may be a Mayan. Or part, at least.   The Haab’ is the structure of the Maya calendar analogous to the… Continue reading

Where I’m going tomorrow, and a Travel Tip to save 60% on airfare

“Why would you want to go to Venezuela? Haven’t you heard how dangerous it is?” That’s the question asked by my friend, Nonspecific Character.   There are the reasons I listed a few… Continue reading

Weirdos in the woods…gotta love ’em.

What is it about redwood trees? “Tree hugger” used to be a term of mockery, perhaps still is in certain misguided areas, but anyone who spends enough time around redwood trees will see… Continue reading

6 Ways to be better at my secret aspiration

Want to know a secret? I’d love to try being a tour guide. Sssh! Don’t tell! My prior experience with tour guides was when they would glower at me, suspecting me of eavesdropping… Continue reading

I’ll salute that

Flags…confound me. To the soldier (so we’re told) they are salvation, home, the reason to put their life at risk. To politicians they are backdrops for photo ops. To fans they’re a way… Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed…

The ad on craigslist looked really good. All new floors and windows, top storey, and a location that was just good enough to be close to tasty food, but bad enough to keep… Continue reading