Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Anybody know anything about this “Chicago” place?

The systematic chaos of the crowd parted before me, obeisance to my stride, which was suddenly comfortable after three months of lifestyle constipation. I suppose I’d failed at my attempt to move back… Continue reading

What Brussels is to me

Brussels? The first memory that comes to mind is feeling like an episode of The Office had leaked into real life. These guys, with their corny jokes and awkward attempts at flirting, worked… Continue reading

Productive peace and slightly ominous quiet

I’ve boggled the AT&T guys. Well not me personally, but my antiquated apartment building and its wiring. They go in and look at the cryptic cords, then stand around for an hour scratching… Continue reading

Photo Friday – Three years ago?

I’m breaking up. It’s the end of an era. But I just couldn’t handle the constant interruptions in my internet access. So goodbye Sonic, my sweet little Mendocino company where actual humans answer… Continue reading

A California Conspiracy?

Familiar pleasures of air travel: crying baby, neighbor with stanky feet, and person in the window seat with the bladder of a small woodland animal. On my way back from Seattle I was… Continue reading

Photo Friday – Stairs

  I’ll make you a deal. One post per week with words in it, less than a page-worth, circa 500. And one post of photos. Workable?   Wednesday had words in it, and… Continue reading

One of those days

  Yesterday was just one of those days. Tasks taking longer, lung-based cold draining further, nothing going forward as fast as I needed it to. (And also, of course my health insurance company… Continue reading