Anybody know anything about this “Chicago” place?

Vegas garbage escalator

Get that garbage outta my way, I have places to go

The systematic chaos of the crowd parted before me, obeisance to my stride, which was suddenly comfortable after three months of lifestyle constipation. I suppose I’d failed at my attempt to move back to the US, but none of that mattered now, because everything was right, the last sunlight through the glass, the bag hanging off my shoulder like it was part of me, a sense of music in my veins.


I was traveling again. I was a traveler again. I was a traveler still! Those months of motionlessness had not been a tombstone on my vagabondery, just a pause, a rest, a Rip Van Winkle snooze button. And god it felt good to wake up.


Yes, on my first visit to the city, I loved Chicago.


Taipei airport garden

O’Hare seemed nice. Not Taipei-airport-garden nice, but still.

Except that’s all I saw of it. One O’Hare hallway. So no, I’ve never been to Chicago. But next week I’ll change that, inshallah. My lady has a business trip and I can work from there, so Thursday to Sunday, I’ll be Windy.


I’m downright excited about it. Eager to begin. Looking forward to it.


Except I have no idea what I’m looking forward to. I know nearly nothing about what’s there, what I should do, see, eat, drink, hear, feel. And I’m torn between leaving it that way, arriving in perfect ignorance to take it in as it comes, versus preparing a plan, a schematic for experience.

Vegas airport slot machines

Las Vegas, feeding the addiction until the last possible moment


What do you think? Show up tabula rasa, or do you have any recommendations for a couple free afternoons and an evening in the city of shikaakwa, the city of wild garlic?