Monthly Archive: November, 2013

A nice, quiet, Thanksgiving

“Listen to your own, inner voice” They say. The all-knowing They. But inside my head I hear a screaming sound. It may be a handcuffed pilot watching the plane go down. Or maybe… Continue reading

Lunch vacation

Today is cold feet and hot cups of tea. Now sit down and be productive, damnit. Sunlight is tapping on my window, impatient for me to finish this healthcare website business, a bicycle… Continue reading

My poor machine.

My poor camera. So abused. I’ve carried the thing from the pitiless dry season of Nicaragua to the tangible humidity of the Amazon. I brought it to the snows of Amsterdam, then took… Continue reading

How do you tell?

Am I the only one who…? I get the feeling that no matter how one finishes that sentence, the answer is an emphatic “no.” I doubt there are any problems humans have that… Continue reading

Thank you, Batkid.

Lord knows I’ve griped enough about the negativity of our news apparatus, so I was delighted and refreshed to see the story of Miles Scott, a 5 year old who has been battling… Continue reading

Oakland last night: “ethnic” food, architecture, and a gigantic Jesus

The various houses of worship I have seen throughout the world have all impressed me in some way, with their assortment of characters, aesthetics, and iconography. From the Buddhist prayer flags of Myanmar… Continue reading

Where do I go now?

Why do I feel so antsy lately? There are approximately 196 reasons, depending on how you count, but one stands out, and it’s time it came out of the closet. Nope, no discussion… Continue reading

It seemed like Spring for a moment

At the outset it looked like Winter, cold and gray. The air had no warmth, the sun had no power to enliven the skin, and the colors were muted. I’d worn the wrong… Continue reading