Thank you, Batkid.

Lord knows I’ve griped enough about the negativity of our news apparatus, so I was delighted and refreshed to see the story of Miles Scott, a 5 year old who has been battling leukemia for three years, getting international attention.

Batkid saves the city

In San Francisco today, the Make A Wish Foundation set up an adventure for the little hero who wanted to be Batman. He saved a damsel in distress, rescued our baseball team’s mascot, and foiled a couple villains’ plans before getting the key to the city from the mayor. Sometimes “feel good” stories feel a bit like anaesthesia, but this one is absolutely fantastic.

And it has a worthwhile purpose for all of us, not only in the gift of a smile or ten, but as a reminder. The world is insane, yes, and things happen like 2 year olds getting leukemia; that sucks on a level that the brain cannot fathom, and rarely do we forget that. But what we do forget is that people are actually pretty cool, and life (at least for those of us inconceivably lucky enough to live lives of safety and opportunity) is a playground. I forget that part sometimes, so thank you to Miles Scott and the Make A Wish Foundation for reminding me.