Monthly Archive: February, 2012

A couple more pics to clear out

Those last couple photos were from “Castle Day” at the old mansion down the road in our wee town. It’s set back on a fair chunk of land, with trees and whatnot, and… Continue reading

Odds and ends

Last couple days, checking things off the list. Eat Belgian food: check. This is fricadellen met kriekensaus, that is: meat-balls in sweet cherry sauce. And of course, Belgian beer. Saying goodbye to familiar… Continue reading

How much for the race relations?

Winding down, winding up! Our apartment is barebones, the mattress is on the floor, and the peripheral piles of miscellany were revealed. So: Wednesday junk market time. They open the hall for sellers… Continue reading

Penultimate Belgian Weekend

The first weekend of post-work and pre-departure has passed. Saturday I woke up at 6:27, 3 minutes before my alarm used to go off for my Saturday teaching routine. I slept through the… Continue reading

Today I retired again. Moving forward.

Good evening. My name is Tim Tendick, and I used to be an English teacher. Last days are an odd thing. Every gesture and act, even silly small ones for saps like me,… Continue reading

Last day at work

Today is my last day at work. It’s been a long time, and a couple continents, since I was last sitting here. (When I first quit the call center job it was unpremeditated… Continue reading

Facing my fear.

I share a fear with the man in front of me. So we cast around for opinions to protect ourselves. We’re standing in the florist, it’s Valentine’s Day, and we are both afraid… Continue reading

Lab Rattery and Tea

Last night I went to get my results from the sleep lab a couple weeks ago. After a lengthy monologue featuring many numbers and a variety of graphs, the surprisingly young doctor (who… Continue reading

Anybody speak Inuit?

Remember that legend about the Inuit having dozens of different words for “snow”? Are there any Inuit people reading this? What do you call the ice crystals like fine-grained shredded coconut? Cocosnow? Or… Continue reading

Today I understand

It may not be this cold in Nicaragua…but right now I wouldn’t trade. This week has separated out the thin-blooded immigrants from the Belgians (and thick-blooded immigrants; the Polish laugh at this temperature… Continue reading