Odds and ends

Last couple days, checking things off the list.
Eat Belgian food: check. This is fricadellen met kriekensaus, that is: meat-balls in sweet cherry sauce. And of course, Belgian beer.
Saying goodbye to familiar places; we passed over the keys to our ex-apartment this afternoon. Last times driving through some of the fantastically named towns, like Grobbendonk, Waasmunster, Melkouwen, and Aarschot.
Fyi: “aars” in Flemish means ass (think Scottish: arse). “schot” is the sound for a gun firing (think: shot/bang/boom), “helen” means to heal, “was” is laundry (think: wash), “melk” is milk, “koeien” is cows.
So in summary you have the towns of Laundry-monster, Milk-cows, Ass-boom, and Ass-healing. And Grobbendonk, that one’s funny on its own.

Return the computer tomorrow. Found this picture from the airport in Marrakech way back, summer-themed advertising, not sure who thought Fahrenheit was hipper, but they should have checked their conversion rates. (For the Celsius people, 20 F is about -7 C.) Of course, it was about 45 C (113 F) in the airport at the time, so 20 sounded good on either scale.
Trying to use up all the tortillas I made some quesadillas today.
Did I take my pill with dinner? Last Wednesday after the junk market my throat felt scratchy. Thursday it was sore. Friday felt like someone had punched me in the throat (reminded me of my days as a cage fighter in Thailand) and Saturday night I realized I had tonsillitis and was going to have to cancel the whole trip to get surgery. Sunday was manly stoicism…whereby I crept off to bed while K stayed up to make a Dr’s appointment for me when the new hours came available at midnight.
Woke up Monday morning with goop around my blastingly red eyes. Tonsillitis and pink eye? F that.
Turns out an infection can spread throughout your head, moving from a sore throat to goopy eyes, who knew? (Seriously, did you know that? It’s kinda creepy.) Those are some fast-acting eye drops though.
I’m going to miss Belgian graffiti, although those kids should stop watching so much British TV.

 We went to change our official residence in Belgian and the church across from City Hall has Tim Burton’s version of Jesus (can you see his hands?)

 The forests are watching you.

And if they don’t like what they see they will send the little people to eat you.

Hokay, that about clears out the odd pictures lingering on the computer. Check.