Monthly Archive: June, 2011

Leaving tomorrow…see you in September!

It seems unbelievable that tomorrow I’ll be in Nepal.  (Well, tomorrow I leave for Nepal, it’s about 23 hours travel time including layovers, so technically in two days I’ll be in Nepal, although… Continue reading

Coffie in Kotor

It was the middle of November when I got to Kotor, Montenegro.  The old town is a 16th century (or 15th, who’s counting?) city of the Republic of Venice, with stone fortifications, stone… Continue reading

Almost ready to go

Alright!  Wahoot!  The plane to London (then Bahrain then Nepal) takes off in 48 hoursish!  Let’s go!  Let’s get that 23 hour trip started! The living room floor is covered in backpacks, stacks… Continue reading

Lessons from the bike ride home

Is there always something to be learned from the world around us? For example on my bicycle ride home just now, an hour between growing fields of corn and livestock, which included a… Continue reading

Oh America, your scandals are so stupid.

Oh America, your scandals are still so stupid.  Congressman sends pictures of his junk in online flirting (god I hope “eSex” is not a word) and has to resign.  It’s just all so… Continue reading

What my teachers taught me

(Oops, forgot to post this last Friday.  Yes, it’s another post that’s basically serving as my diary.  Dear Diary…) Today was my last day of class, definitely for this module, probably for this… Continue reading

Last Walk Through Lier

I’ve been talking Dutch classes in the mid-size town of Lier since January but tomorrow will be my last day. Four times a week I get off the train, track two, walk down… Continue reading

Welcome to the world, little one.

What a remarkable day.  Yes, every day is remarkable, but today was different, for one glaringly obvious reason.  Today was little Ella’s birthday.  As in day of birth, as in today.  K’s goddaughter, and… Continue reading