Oh America, your scandals are so stupid.

Oh America, your scandals are still so stupid.  Congressman sends pictures of his junk in online flirting (god I hope “eSex” is not a word) and has to resign.  It’s just all so stupid.
A congressman molesting pages, or an IMF chief raping hotel maids, these things should result in the end of a career.  They are crimes.  (A guy seeking gay sex in airport bathrooms should only be fired if his legislative platform is anti-gay, because it means he’s a lying dishonest sack of crapcakes.)
A horny guy sending pictures of himself to women he’s mutually flirting with?  That’s…boring.  That’s standard fare in America.  The guy shouldn’t be fired because he has a sex drive and bad taste.
Meanwhile being a congressman is basically assumed to involve lying, backroom dealing, and betraying your principles and constituents.  People getting massive amounts of money from oil companies stand up and deny that climate change is happening, and we fire the guy in his underwear.
Congressmen try to secretly prevent an agency that lets consumers know what they’re signing, and we get mad at the guy taking cell phone pictures in the locker room.
Because he’s icky.
Talking about literal sex acts is apparently unacceptable, while (only slightly) more metaphorical fellatiation of Big Business is standard operating procedure.
Americans/humans are just so silly.  I vote we elect all dolphins to the next congress.  They can play, then screw, then concentrate for a minute on fixing things and taking care of the planet, then get back to playing and screwing.

(Again, not my photo, nabbed off a free wallpaper website.)