Monthly Archive: March, 2015

Globalization on my head, from Cuba to Cambodia

Can you think of a better movie for the barbershop TVs than Edward Scissorhands? I couldn’t, but then again, in the heat of Santiago de Cuba, and with the gummybear feeling in my… Continue reading

It’s not all bad for Maritza

I am supremely grateful for the privilege to write a few things for Altruvistas, the ethical travel company that facilitated my first Cuba and Venezuela trips, but sakes alive, that one from Peru… Continue reading

Equanimity on the equinox, Cuba behind and ahead

I seem to have fallen out of Nature. When they built my apartment a hundred years ago, they didn’t bother with niceties like insulation, and my toes remember cold winter days when they… Continue reading

The good, bad, and ugly of what I’ve learned in 500 posts

  “In June of 2008 it suddenly bothered me that most of my food was better traveled than I was. So I bought a one-way ticket to Europe.” That’s how I started my… Continue reading

Loving you for who you are, on FeelGood Friday

I was all set to tell you about the gains against female genital mutilation (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) but paused (which sounds so much loftier than ‘procrastinated’) on my way… Continue reading

May gods bless the benevolent imposters

(I didn’t intend to ever post this, but I gotta leave for the airport in 23 minutes and I’m only 70% through this burrito, so here ya go!)   May gods bless the… Continue reading

Of Monkeys and Banks

In my third Feelgood Friday post I said I wanted “to go right up into the horrors of the world today and find beauty in them” but last week I really enjoyed the… Continue reading

What would you like to know about Cuban women?

The classic cars of Cuba are obvious. Music jumps into your ear from every angle. Lavish colors surround you, blending with the heat into a chromatic and caloric smoothie of multisensory stimulation from… Continue reading