May gods bless the benevolent imposters

(I didn’t intend to ever post this, but I gotta leave for the airport in 23 minutes and I’m only 70% through this burrito, so here ya go!)


B&W for Sarah8May gods bless the benevolent imposters


They say the feeling grows


at potency’s increase, so the inner doubt of inadequacy.


From the audience it’s easier to assume the successful sit on thrones of arrogance,

but they tell us they’re folding chairs of self-doubt.


So should we say that all imposters are winners merely awaiting their championships?

No, because some really are what they fear to be.

Some of whom, win.

And take their seats on stage.

And that thought, there among the folding chairs on the daise,

that vestigial wondering if they’re meritorious or not,

accidentally admitted to the party, despite their lack of qualifications,

that is what keeps them from being the thing we assume them to be.

And, accidentally, saving their souls.


So god bless the benevolent imposters,

whose numbers cloak and protect the real things.