Monthly Archive: April, 2014

Miles, my friend.

Miles was the first one I met when I came to look at my prospective US residence. Drenched in August sun, his eyes closed in feline pleasure, he welcomed me to the neighborhood… Continue reading

Back to Belgium, aka What’s the Atomium?

I went to Belgium for one reason. One destination: one town, one street, one house, one woman. Describing K, attempting to summarize our past, present…and future…would take a book. And this is only… Continue reading

Sam has issues

“I’m not sure if Sammy did something really bad in a previous life, which is why he is the way he is, or if he did something really good, which is why he… Continue reading

How do you describe an ice cave?

“The cave I was going to take you to is filled with water today, so you might die if we went there. Instead, have you heard of Crystal Cave?” Our guide, looking ruthlessly… Continue reading

Lucy saves the day

Splinters from the weather-worn planks scrape my knees as they thump to the dock. The thud echoes down to where the fires are still burning from my desperate last stand, homemade molotov cocktails… Continue reading

Aurora Borealis makin’ me crazy

Aaaaaaarggghhh! I am tearing my hair out on this one. Aurora Borealis. A combination of the Roman goddess of the dawn/sunrise and the Greek god of the wind, the name conjures sweeping colors,… Continue reading

I have my answer. And my ticket.

I have my answer.   March 2008 I went to Belize. My first international trip (nearly the first time I’d left California) in ten years, it touched off a wanderlust that made me… Continue reading

Rein or shine, a dinner you’ll deerly love

After exfoliating a layer or five off my face at the Horn, the Iceland wind had found its way into my hollow stomach, so we headed to Kaffi Hornið, reputedly the better of Höfn’s… Continue reading

Ice gets up early

I’m not a morning person. “Grab hold of your attitude” I admonish myself, and try to remember the satisfaction of looking at the clock after a productive day and finding it’s only 11:00.… Continue reading