Monthly Archive: May, 2010


I got in bed the first night and was about to turn off the light when Fidel Castro came in, looked me in the eye and said “I will speak with you tomorrow.”… Continue reading

Sort of intro to the 12 Tribes farm.

(Just to explain, I am starting the Camino de Santiago tomorrow, and am anticipating far less internet access, so I am bombarding the blog today just in case someones want to read some… Continue reading

A couple more notes about 12 Tribes childhood.

I wanted to add a couple quick notes to the post about the children, education and whatnot.  And since I didn’t take any pictures of the kids (or people in general, sorry) here… Continue reading

It hurts so good.

Going back to traveling by myself in Europe, I have become reacquainted with an old sin. The kebab.  They are Europe’s version of our fast food hamburgers, and make me miss burritos oh… Continue reading

12 Tribes Education

At 6:00 in the morning a community member wakes you up by playing an acoustic guitar outside your window and singing a song of devotion to Yahshua (as in the ancient Hebrew form… Continue reading

Important update regarding the Africa trip

Oops, I need to update some stuff about our fundraising goals. First off, I was so focused on the first two projects we are raising money for that I made it sound like… Continue reading

Hello and good night

It’s amazing how quickly the present moment takes over the past.  I am sitting here in an apartment in Vitoria-Gasteiz, some fluffs of white dog hair in the corner, a Spanish bocadillo resting… Continue reading

My attempt as a futbol hooligan

Last night was the end of the Spanish soccer league. This meant all day, from at least eight hours before the game, the town was full of small packs of soccer fans wandering… Continue reading

The important one

Something a little different, this post is forward looking instead of backward. This summer Katrien and I will be heading to southern Africa to volunteer though the Afnet charitable organization, which runs three… Continue reading

Last time in San Sebastian…

I am here in San Sebastian looking to teach English.  The importance of language is especially powerful for me in this particular city. I was here last year, staying in a fairly dull… Continue reading