Important update regarding the Africa trip

Oops, I need to update some stuff about our fundraising goals.

First off, I was so focused on the first two projects we are raising money for that I made it sound like $700 is our total budget…  We are actually hoping to raise much more than that.  We were working with a budget of about $2000 in mind.  But…

Secondly, the projects were reassessed and the costs are about three times what we first anticipated.

It turns out the cost of painting the orphanage and the daycare center is more like $500.  Each.  $1000 there.

Then the transportation of supplies and personnel to Zambia is another $1,000 by itself, $700 for gas, and $300 for the border and road fees, plus ferry crossings.

So we need at least $2000 just for those two projects.

If we do not raise enough we will basically have to cut either the orphanage or daycare center.  I don’t know about you, but that is not a choice I want to have to make.  If we make even less than that…

But there is very good news!  The generosity has begun, and we have already raised $570!  We can see the quarter-way marker, but it is behind us!  To all those of you who have donated: you are awesome!

Now, I know there are a lot more of you who want to donate, and my explanation of donation dynamics got pretty scattered before, so here is a summary, hopefully tidier:

To get a US tax deduction, donate straight to Afnet, but tell one of us so we can make sure it gets to our projects:
1.  Online at  or
2.  Mail a check to 3630 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95136

Other countries or if you don’t need the tax deduction:
1.  Cash or check directly to Katrien
2.  Donate via paypal to me via the button at the top of this blog page.

For further information and updates please also check out our facebook group, Tim and Katrien’s Trip To Africa, which might be found at this link?!/group.php?gid=120928061269892