Monthly Archive: June, 2014

Good night, Lucy

Over the past couple months, Lucy and I have worked out a little routine before bed.   When I go in to fill up my water glass, she comes out and meets me… Continue reading

Would you like to go to the Ecuadorian Amazon…someday?

I remember the water. Everyone describes it as “dark as tea” but that’s the exactly right, water more saturated with tannins than your morning Earl Gray, so your swimming limbs disappear in an… Continue reading

Should I go to Venezuela?

Should I go to Venezuela?   The most volatile nation in South America, it’s on my List of Places Too Dangerous to Travel in Without Appropriate Precaution or Assistance. What, you don’t have… Continue reading

June is made of such things

June always surprises me. It’s almost never June, and then all of a sudden that’s what the calendars say, but just long enough to read the word before the page flops again.  … Continue reading

Get out of my (maybe) house

Everybody was there. A cluster of hyper-parents, their children brandished like banners before them, was extolling and declaiming the house’s suitability for the wet-chinned children hanging off their chests in imported Scandinavian harnesses.… Continue reading

At what point does fondling an animal get weird?

At what point does fondling an animal get weird?   You may never have asked yourself that question, but hey, that’s what I’m here for: to expand your horizons. Is it when you… Continue reading

Take the good, take the bad, enjoy the now

The texture of the thing is smooth, and it has a pleasant earthy stink to it before we light it on fire. It’s also surprisingly light; you’d think something with such a known… Continue reading

Now serving number…

It might be racism, but I was pleasantly surprised by the calm rustle of business being conducted in the long room. The extra-tall venetian blinds swayed softly in the air conditioning, while women… Continue reading