Should I go to Venezuela?

Should I go to Venezuela?


How safe is Mexico? Don't believe the bad press.

How safe is Mexico? Don’t believe the bad press.

The most volatile nation in South America, it’s on my List of Places Too Dangerous to Travel in Without Appropriate Precaution or Assistance. What, you don’t have your own LPTDTWAPA?

My LPTDTWAPA at the moment: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Mauritania, Nigeria, Libya, and Central African Republic. Sorta North Korea I guess. Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador, and a couple small parts of Mexico.


Roadside billboard in Cuba

Roadside billboard in Cuba

Checking El Salvador off that list felt great, like reclaiming part of the world. Now I have the opportunity to go to Venezuela with Witness for Peace Southwest, and Altruvistas, both organizations I feel privileged to have access to. (And who increase the hope of achieving the ultimate goal of tourism: to help the destination…but more about that soon.)


Another reason to go? More chances at getting wee articles published, so it would be good in a professional sense.Other approaches

Another reason to go? As with Cuba, Venezuela represents one of the all-too-few remaining countries that do things in a manner other than ruthless capitalism.

Another reason to go? It’s frickin beautiful. Which is enough by itself, but also means it could be a great opportunity in terms of photography.

Another reason to go? Meet cool new people (because who but cool people would go on a tour like this?)

Another reason to go? The things I can learn, from the people I meet, the places we go, and the other people on the trip.

Next door, in Cartagena, Colombia. I miss the air at that latitude...

Next door, in Cartagena, Colombia. I miss the air at that latitude…

Another reason to go? It’s actually cheaper than the listed price.

Another reason to go? I want to.

Miss the food's been too long since I tasted chirimoya

Miss the food too…it’s been too long since I tasted chirimoya


So why wouldn’t I go? The potential danger isn’t an obstacle, so what is?


I’ve finally admitted the fact (that was pretty obvious to everyone else) that I was endlessly traveling to escape from certain parts of life. Would I be doing that still?

Answer: It’s only 10 days. Ergo: no.


Any other reason? Well…the trip happens to encompass my birthday. That’s convenient and inconvenient. It’s kind of fun for me because it would mean the sixth year in a row having my birthday overseas.

I've been going back and forth on this question...

I’ve been going back and forth on this question…

The problem? One of the other realizations I’ve finally admitted to (it’s been a busy year) is that I have…trouble…accepting…love. From other people. (Dogs are good to go.) This is a longer issue, but as someone told me the other day “Your birthday is a day for other people to express their love for you.”


It made me all…squirmy. And I had to admit that the thought of NOT being here on my birthday was something of a relief, since I would get to avoid the potential let-downs and awkwardness that can come with that day.


Next door in Colombia

Next door in Colombia

Sounds like a challenge. And I am dedicated to not running from challenges anymore. So, suddenly, whether or not to go is a more difficult question than it was before.


So what do you think? Should I go to Venezuela?