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Informative, sleepy, exciting. And a little bit disgusting.

Those gross little white things that you spit up from the back of your throat from time to time, the squishy stinky ones you hide and forget? Those are called tonsiloliths. If you… Continue reading


I wasn’t supposed to be in that girl’s shower. As the property manager, it was not my place to be in a tenant’s bathroom for any reason other than inspection or as an… Continue reading

Should I go to Venezuela?

Should I go to Venezuela?   The most volatile nation in South America, it’s on my List of Places Too Dangerous to Travel in Without Appropriate Precaution or Assistance. What, you don’t have… Continue reading

Where do I go now?

Why do I feel so antsy lately? There are approximately 196 reasons, depending on how you count, but one stands out, and it’s time it came out of the closet. Nope, no discussion… Continue reading

Can I ask you a question?

I’m not used to women in bars looking at me like I’m a complete a**hole. Truth be told, I’m not used to women in bars looking at me at all, but here was… Continue reading

I am being deported.

Three months in one place seemed like a long time back in December. I could unpack! Use a machine to wash my clothes! Cook food! I’ve enjoyed this time in Santa Cruz. I… Continue reading