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I want more women in my pocket

The pulled pork sandwich was delicious, the bun warm on fingertips rubbed safe-cracking sensitive by a good night of rock climbing. Then the best part of these nights: sitting around a table with… Continue reading

Lumps of love, transmitted by wire.

My headphones endorsed the errand by playing the perfect cycling songs as I pedaled downtown to the bank, Toots Thielemans’ “Bossa Nova” (player below) gliding right on into Johnny Cash’s “Hey Porter”. We… Continue reading

Ample? Fat? Or something more creative?

“What about this one? How does it look?” His girlfriend considered for a moment, head tilted to the side and lips pursed just a little. “I like it, the color is good on… Continue reading

A home for Alvaro

“My daughter is a musician,” were Alvaro’s proud words as we shared a taxi into Caracas. He was the program coordinator for the Witness for Peace delegation that I had come to Venezuela… Continue reading

Getting gas in Venezuela

It’s a routine errand, expensive, kinda smelly, and utterly unexciting, for millions (billions?) of people. Filling up the tank. Getting gas. Burning dinosaur bones. (And you were worried this was a chronological consequence… Continue reading

Food porn, Venezuela style

The pupusas of El Salvador clearly made an impression on me, but Venezuela was ready with a rebound relationship. The arepa is the traditional and quintessential food item of Venezuela and Colombia, dating… Continue reading

A battalion of sauces, lots of boobies, and sheer normalcy on the streets of Caracas.

(In deference to the blogosphere’s reverence for brevity, I split this post in two; the first half is here)   After clearing customs, hearing of youthful harlots, and being warned that the water… Continue reading

Arriving in Caracas, Part 1 of 2; or, my niece’s birthday party was a porno scene

The plane landed at Caracas’ Simon Bolivar International Airport with a stronger bump than most, and taxied past a row of unfamiliar logos on modest fuselages. Between the recent unrest, and, more importantly,… Continue reading

Censorship; or, Celebrity ____ likes to smoke ____!

Anthony Bourdain was in Tangier. That’s an interesting city, and from what I’ve seen of him, an interesting man, so I put my book away to listen. But in this boarding area in… Continue reading

Where I’m going tomorrow, and a Travel Tip to save 60% on airfare

“Why would you want to go to Venezuela? Haven’t you heard how dangerous it is?” That’s the question asked by my friend, Nonspecific Character.   There are the reasons I listed a few… Continue reading