Good night, Lucy

Over the past couple months, Lucy and I have worked out a little routine before bed.

She's also the most camera-shy dog I've ever known. Modest, I guess.

She’s also the most camera-shy dog I’ve ever known. Modest, I guess.


When I go in to fill up my water glass, she comes out and meets me in the kitchen. I turn off the water and kneel down, and she comes up to nestle her head into my chest. She’s a big, ferocious-looking German Shepherd, and she loves a good cuddle.


Her fur is dry and clean, and smells like dog in a way that has come to mean Home, these last 10 months. She leans in as I scratch behind her ears, over her shoulders and rub her belly, which slows into a hug. After we’ve both gotten a nice little session of luving in, she turns around and trots back to Manny’s room, tail wagging, and I go to bed smiling.


happy dogI don’t know how many times we’ve done this, but I know that we’ll only do it twice more. This Saturday Loopers is going away.


We’re down to our last weekend in this house, as June finishes its run, and Manny’s new place has graciously allowed him to bring Sammy, but there’s no space for Lucyfress. She’s going to Manny’s dad, a good home with a big yard to run around in and another shepherd to play with…


But damn I’m going to miss her.


Good night, Lucyloo