Photo Friday – Three years ago?

I’m breaking up. It’s the end of an era. But I just couldn’t handle the constant interruptions in my internet access. So goodbye Sonic, my sweet little Mendocino company where actual humans answer the phone and know what’s going on. Hello abusive relationship with the controlling and manipulative jerk, AT&T.

AT&T was giving me the silent treatment until my relationship with Sonic was fully over, so I now have a few days of e-isolation while I wait for the mail, and no photos on this portable computer, so in order to comply with my plan to post few words and mostly pictures today, I have to pull from an old post.

What was I up to, three years ago?


And my sister’s lovely weirdass cat was just happy to be nowhere snowy

That was a good March, but looking back, I’m a whole lot happier now. Even without internet access.