Good (what time zone am I in?) from New York.

Wow, a little bit of jet lag and lots of miles walked combine to leave me with few words tonight, oh and that early morning flight tomorrow, but I feel like I should put something up on here while in New York (and just in case anyone else got that last post backwards and thought it was a suicide note. It was not. Quite the opposite.)

New York. Um. We’ve enjoyed our couple days here, wandering around familiar places we’ve never been before. The hotel I found on sale is not nearly as fancy-shmancy outside as it looked on the site, but that’s actually a good thing. The hotel in Dusseldorf was in one of those odd hotel/business park areas that are so artificial and isolated, whereas here we are just on some random backstreet in Brooklyn.

Maybe not an average street though, given that we’re on the edge of Williamsburg, which is apparently the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Lots and lots of black clothes, forelocks, and eyes that won’t look at you. It reminds me of Antwerp, but dirtier. Much dirtier.

Yesterday wandered through Brooklyn, Park Slope, Prospect Park, over to Manhattan to meander through Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, East Village. On the street in that last one a hobo with lunatic eyes and crust on his sleeve zeroed in on K and before I could warn her, deliberately brushed that scuzzy sleeve against her, but it provided perfect karma because a second later we had the perfect celebrity spotting.

If K hadn’t have said something I wouldn’t have recognized Mathias Schoenaerts, arguably the top celebrity in Belgium right now (after his Oscar nomination this year). If we were going to see a celebrity, I really couldn’t think of a better one to see in America than the top Belgian. Love it. We all looked at each other, took a couple more steps, then stopped and slyly looked back to see if the other one was looking, half-smiled when they were, and went on our way.

Okay, early flight tomorrow. Good night.