A few words here, a few words somewhere else.

I have just enough of a toenail in the 21st century to know that when someone links to your blog, you’re supposed to return the favor, so my friends, I direct you to the 5 Things to Do Today blog.

I find myself in Paradise, with a fairly regular schedule, a project I’ve been procrastinating for years, and a balcony that screams for my attention like Kate Middleton’s breasts apparently scream for it throughout Southern Europe.

These things (the project and the balcony, not the royal mammaries) have left me little time for my other pasttimes: blogging and dicking around online, but in the aforementioned website they conjoined perfectly, hanging pleasingly paired like…

Anyway, here’s my contribution to the other blog.


(Probably one more short post on Ecuador, then I’ll catch up to this hallowed isle.)