Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Sex, drugs, and reggaeton.

Aaaand because I’m scared of the bed in there, and turning off the light while I‘m in it, you get two blogs. (The bed is amazing though, when I sit on it, the… Continue reading

Oh. David. Hello. Again.

What does the word “plan” mean to you? What sort of feeling does it give you? If you make a plan, do you expect it to happen? Are you annoyed or disappointed if… Continue reading

Bocas del Toro

Bocas Town was a sunburned and swollen meat market of westerners staying 5 days longer than planned, and fighting the righteous fight against the Panamanian law that even men must wear shirts when… Continue reading


It looks like it may start raining any second, which won’t go well with this here little netbook, so I’ll make it quick. Favorite part of today’s trip from David to Bocas del… Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed…get a massage.

I typed up a full account of my misadventure but it was remarkably boring, so I’ll give you the highlights. -I tried to head for a national park which the guide book doesn’t… Continue reading

Cerro Punta, the Chiriqui Highlands, Panama

Leaving David, I took a bus to the Chiriqui highlands and the town of Cerro Punta. Another chilly mini-bus ride, but I enjoyed listening to the women chattering behind me, and not in… Continue reading

My first Panamanian town, David.

Walking away from the Panama/Costa Rica border with a sigh of relief, I found a bus for the closest city in Panama, David. (That’s the name of the city, I didn’t forget who… Continue reading

Dominical to the border

My hostel’s balcony-thing, Costa Ricans(and I) love the “Pura vida” thing. The schedule said 10:30, but the bus out of Dominical showed up at 10:00. I had a bus leave early before on… Continue reading

Onward to Dominical.

Yup, it got better. I wasn’t quite ready to leave Manuel Antonio, but decided to keep moving south, so I took a bus to Dominical of unknown duration, since I spent nearly the… Continue reading

The day is going to get even better.

I woke up this morning drenched in sweat, shiny sides and the sheet grossly damp. I had to hide under there to attempt to evade the mosquitoes, the itchy marks of whose raids… Continue reading