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I miss my friends

Well, the good news is, almost everybody got a job. I’m trying to focus on that. The woman in her early 40s with the big smile, and the shy younger woman (who swears… Continue reading

6 Ways to be better at my secret aspiration

Want to know a secret? I’d love to try being a tour guide. Sssh! Don’t tell! My prior experience with tour guides was when they would glower at me, suspecting me of eavesdropping… Continue reading

June is made of such things

June always surprises me. It’s almost never June, and then all of a sudden that’s what the calendars say, but just long enough to read the word before the page flops again.  … Continue reading

Well…I found something.

That didn’t last long.  About 6 minutes after posting that last one, the temporary agency called and said it would be okay if I worked just 14:00 to 20:00, and I took it.… Continue reading

And I stiiilll haven’t founnnd…what I’m looking fooor.

I had a job interview tonight.  Well not an interview, an “info session.”  Just like it wasn’t another bloomin’ Call Center it is a “strategic impact consulting” company.  Blech.  Spending all day in… Continue reading

End of the year cleaning

Some tidbits from the last week or so I want to file away… On Monday of last week my Dutch teacher started class by asking us if we knew what year WWII ended.… Continue reading

Peaceful anxiety

I just spent a couple hours looking through job postings, and was well under the cold thick water of discouragement, frustration, and anxiety regarding my chances at successful living here.  Then I looked… Continue reading