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A Home for Everyone. Part 3 of 3. The important part.

The first thing I saw upon waking was a stack of board games that were well-meant donations, though I can’t imagine any of these kids sitting down to a calm and orderly board… Continue reading

A Home for Everyone. Part 1.

Azogues is not in the guide book for Ecuador. A fifty-cent bus ride north of Cuenca, it’s a pretty nice place, judging by my minimal exposure, but I don’t think UNESCO is knocking… Continue reading

Happy rebirthday, it’s gonna change you life.

When I turned 32 a couple weeks ago it wasn’t a big deal, I was happy with a good navratan korma. But K’s birthday yesterday…now that was a big deal. She turned….dumdumDUM…27! Warning:… Continue reading

Good morning, can I interest you in a transcendent experience?

I guess in love with it is a good way to start a day. Turns out breakfast on the Andiamo was whatever you could rummage up by yourself, and I wrapped the sublime… Continue reading