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Why I travel

Take me back. Take me back to rotting garbage on dirty streets, where water is a luxury and stink a certainty. I want to feel unwashed and threadbare sheets on hard beds, and… Continue reading

Is it weird being back in America?

“Is it weird being back in America?” I wasn’t sure how to answer that question. “Not…really.” Adjusting to Stateside norms was pretty easy; I did grow up here, after all. I can handle… Continue reading

So nasty. So beautiful. Hasankeyf Part 1

It’s 12:21 AM and I would love to go to sleep, but this hotel room is crawling with bed bugs. I pulled the sheet back on each bed to see if one was… Continue reading

First week in Nepal, Part 1

Well hello.  Alive and well in Kathmandu.  I like the idea of going two months without touching the internet, but here I am, and there you are.  How are you by the way?… Continue reading

First week in Nepal, Part 2

Given that the waterfall regularly closes down the road (there are basically only two highways in Nepal, one going NE of Kathmandu, one SE) so we realized that if we managed to cross,… Continue reading

Good to be back in Morocco

I fell, heavily, down the familiar tripping road of not-journaling on the Africa trip, and trying to remember something offhand before my wee netbook battery expires is fairly daunting…but I can remember last… Continue reading