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I am being deported.

Three months in one place seemed like a long time back in December. I could unpack! Use a machine to wash my clothes! Cook food! I’ve enjoyed this time in Santa Cruz. I… Continue reading

Riding on top of the world, Ecuador.

It turns out that the quarter-century old impressions of a six year old are not necessarily accurate. Because that was the last time I rode a horse, and I remembered the feel of… Continue reading

Happy rebirthday, it’s gonna change you life.

When I turned 32 a couple weeks ago it wasn’t a big deal, I was happy with a good navratan korma. But K’s birthday yesterday…now that was a big deal. She turned….dumdumDUM…27! Warning:… Continue reading

And just that quickly

Did you figure out an answer to the question of how to be, how to help, who to believe and who to support? Me neither. But! The Universe provides. I’ve been in a few… Continue reading

A Little Scratch on New Year’s

I am waiting, drowsing. Not too much longer, just another two turns of the calendar’s pages. The calendar is hanging opposite the tankless water-heater in the little closet off our tiny kitchen where… Continue reading