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Tradition you can Taste

When my grandfather talked about wringing the neck of a chicken, we listened with moderate horror and more-than-moderate fascination. I was particularly confounded and titillated by his gesture of grabbing it by the… Continue reading

A lesson learned in the worst supermarket on Earth.

A friend did me a favor the other day. He asked my opinion. Everyone loves to feel like an expert, and travelers may be the worst of all, but I am leery of… Continue reading

Coffie in Kotor

It was the middle of November when I got to Kotor, Montenegro.  The old town is a 16th century (or 15th, who’s counting?) city of the Republic of Venice, with stone fortifications, stone… Continue reading

Holiday Progress

My first blog was going to be called “A Year Without Holidays” because I spent the holiday season of 2008 abroad, traveling away from home and family, and I felt like those holidays… Continue reading