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In the power of a Moroccan madman

We needed to get to the train station and the sign on the Marrakech bank said 46° C. My boiling brain calculated for a second…115°F? Yup. No, no way my ex-girlfriend and I… Continue reading

Where to find, where to miss, and how to kill the divine.

The coarse wool of my djellaba was scratchier than the sand blowing against my bare legs. Maybe the other way around. One does not customarily wear shorts in the desert, but I welcomed… Continue reading

Censorship; or, Celebrity ____ likes to smoke ____!

Anthony Bourdain was in Tangier. That’s an interesting city, and from what I’ve seen of him, an interesting man, so I put my book away to listen. But in this boarding area in… Continue reading

6 Ways to be better at my secret aspiration

Want to know a secret? I’d love to try being a tour guide. Sssh! Don’t tell! My prior experience with tour guides was when they would glower at me, suspecting me of eavesdropping… Continue reading